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A Message from the President of CNL

The future of NRU and CNL

    (2015 February 06) Today, the Government of Canada announced that Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) will operate the National Research Universal (NRU) reactor until March 31, 2018, subject to relicensing. At the conclusion of this period, the reactor will be placed in a state of storage with surveillance until decommissioning.

While NRU is a big part of CNL, it is not the only part. More

Canadian Nucleur Labratories (CNL, formerly AECL)

Making Vision 2026 a reality
(2016 April 14) As announced April 13, CNL has received a commitment for an $800 million investment over the next five years from AECL. This funding is outside of our current operating budget, and provides the dedicated funding we need to enable a complete transformation at our Chalk River site through renewed infrastructure and the construction of new facilities. It is a key part of achieving what we at CNL refer to as Vision 2026. More >>

April 14, 2016 - Government will invest $800 million into CNL
The federal government will be investing $800 million into infrastructure at Chalk River's Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL). More >>

Canadian National Energy Alliance named as Preferred Bidder to manage CNL, 26-Jun-2015
Today, the Government of Canada announced Canadian National Energy Alliance as the preferred bidder to manage and operate Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), currently a subsidiary of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL)... More

CNL opens new Deep River office space, 06-Jul-2015
On June 19, a small ribbon cutting was held to commemorate the opening of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ newest leased office building... More

CNL opens new $55M hydrogen lab January 14, 2015.pdf

Partners unveil new name in bid for AECL, NRT July 2014

Partners unveil new name in bid for AECL, NRT July 2014

Dozens answer call for public-private partnership of AECL, July 2013

Govt. to hold “industry day” on AECL bids, NRT June 2013

AECL Move to Go-Co model

Federal Government seeks private partner to manage AECL

Restructuring of Atomic of Energy of Canada Limited — Nuclear Laboratories

Who is Canadian Nucleur Laboratories (CNL)? The experience, expertise and facilities you have long associated with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) will now be offered through a new organization – Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Limited (CNL), a wholly owned subsidiary of AECL.

A world leader in nuclear science and technology, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories will be actively working to strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones with government, with industry, and with academia.

Visit the CNL Website
Visit the CNL Website